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We are an IT firm into advanced technology solutions, striving to address the common pain points experienced by the common man in daily life. We are towards creating a difference in usage of technology in an easier, faster, reliable, affordable and sustainable manner. Specializing in Product & System Engineering, Digital Transformation, IOT, Big Data, Security and Application Development. Our specialties in IoT, SoC Design Services, Analog/Mixed Signal Design, Cloud Computing, Mobility Services, Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, Testing Services, IT Security Services, Product Engineering Services, and Big Data.
Emerging technologies

The advent of emerging tech is recasting all industries and requires leaders to embrace new capabilities to turn new tech into new competitive advantage. As stand-alone solutions, many emerging technologies are quite compelling, and adoption rates are accelerating in areas such as robotic process automation and the internet of things. Others, like additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence and blockchain, are still being explored for their potential to deliver business value at scale. As it transforms, your organization can unlock real value through the combination of emerging technologies to provide business impact through convergence. You need to build out capabilities and skills to provide “venture-as-a-service,” and develop agile and dynamic ecosystems to help with the development and implementation of new solutions and business models. Take a look through McKEN insights on this topic of pressing concern to McKEN clients.

Artificial intelligence

Get Professional AI Services To Transform Your Business.We provide creative AI solutions for businesses to transform the way they work with a completely innovative operational strategy. AI is a modern approach solution and one of the latest and most trending technological advancement that has invaded the businesses in recent years. It is simple science, where intelligence is inspired by humans and powered by machines. Engage High-Tech Artificial Intelligence for Rapid Growth. We provide creative AI solutions for businesses to transform the way they work with a completely innovative operational strategy.


Big Data Solutions

Organisations that need to process and analyze data faster and more efficiently are turning to scalable infrastructure to support their current and future needs.  Faststream technologies cover the entire big data lifecycle, from data extraction and preparation of diverse data leading to end-to-end analytic solutions. Big data analytics is progressively rising as a key enabler to help organizations achieve this.We provides comprehensive solutions for data management and data analytics. 

IoT Solutions

IOT solutions are maximizing opportunities for remotely controlled network infrastructure with the integration of physical devices with computing systems.Today, the IOT management platform is prominently reducing human intrusion and congregating data from diversified locations, while improving efficiency and accuracy of the work. IOT technology solutions are paving its way for a connected, smarter and better world than ever before. Go beyond the limitations and unleash the power of IOT management platform to extend the possibilities with absolute connectivity and transform operations in an effective and engaging way.


Significant innovations in virtualization and distributed computing, as well as improved access to high-speed internet and a challenging economy have accelerated demand for cloud computing solutions. We have built cloud computing services to provide customers with the ability to manage their hosted applications, services & platforms based on customers and  business requirements.  We engaged with IT world leading providers to build up-to-date, secure, and flexible computing infrastructure.

blockchain Development

In the modern era, where technological advancements have entirely taken over the enterprises,  providing efficient and effective business solutions, the concept of digital money and asset management made everything upside down. With its strong concept and secure ideology, every business today seeks the option of minimizing the risk of loss to an extent and extending the alley of profitability with reliable transactions. The blockchain is simply a digital database that has information such as financial records, which are easily accessible, used and shared within  decentralized   accessible network.

CRM Solutions

An end-to-end dynamics CRM Solutions and services right from consulting to configuration, implementation, upgradation, customization, integration, migration and maintenance support to improve your sales, marketing and consumer support. It is the backbone of any customer-facing organization that designs email marketing campaigns, drive sales through e-commerce platforms, manage payments and invoices online and provides phone-based services.

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