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All industry verticals are undergoing a huge transformation in a bid to move toward affordable, accessible, and quality services to their customers. New applications and use cases, a result of cutting edge technology innovations, are being developed to address the changing industry needs. IoT, in combination with cloud computing and big data, is creating lucrative opportunities for organizations. The report aims at estimating the market size and future growth potential of Internet of Things Market across different segments, such as platforms, software solutions, services, application domains, and regions.


New Project - IoT Garbage Monitoring System for Muncipal

McKEN provides municipal waste collection authorities and private waste management companies a new revolutionary service for cutting costs by optimizing waste collection logistics.The system consists of smart wireless fill level sensors and data analytics to calculate optimized collection schedules and routes based on real-time monitoring of each waste container. This  IoT  based  waste  management  is  very  useful  for  smart  cities  in  different  aspects.  We  have  seen  that,  in cities there  are  different  dustbins  located  in the  different area’s  and dustbins  get  over  flown  many  times and  the  concerned people do not get information about this. Our system is designed to solve this issue and will provide complete details of the dustbin located in the different area’s throughout the city. The concerned authority can access the information from anywhere and anytime to get the details. smart dustbin in which the IR sensor is deployed to detect the level of the dust inside the dustbin and 8051 microcontroller to read the IR sensor data and the RF transmitter module to transmit the dustbin level information to the central system. the  central  server  system  where  the  webserver  is  running  and  processing  the information received from  the smart dustbins and RF Receiver module to receive the data from the smart dustbins. all smart dustbins information displayed on the web browser this information can be accessed from anytime and anywhere and the concern person take the decision accordingly. To Know More


IoT Automatic Irrigation System


India’s major source of income is from agriculture sector and 70% of farmers and general people depend on the agriculture. In India most of the irrigation systems are operated manually. These outmoded techniques are replaced with semi-automated and automated techniques. The available traditional techniques are like ditch irrigation, terraced irrigation, drip irrigation, sprinkler system. The global irrigation scenario is categorized by increased demand for higher agricultural productivity, poor performance and decreased availability of water for agriculture. These problems can be appropriately rectified if we use IOT automated system for irrigation.Simple and easy to install and configure. Saving energy and resources, so that it can be utilized in proper way and amount. Farmers would be able to smear the right amount of water at the right time by automating farm or nursery irrigation. Avoiding irrigation at the wrong time of day, reduce runoff from overwatering saturated soils which will improve crop performance. Automated irrigation system uses valves to turn motor ON and OFF. Motors can be automated easily by using controllers and no need of labor to turn motor ON and OFF. It is precise method for irrigation and a valuable tool for accurate soil moisture control in highly specialized greenhouse vegetable production. It is time saving, the human error elimination in adjusting available soil moisture levels.


Smart City – Parking
Across the globe, managing parking spaces and making them available around business areas is a great challenge. Drivers find it a traumatic experience to find empty parking spaces, leading to loss of fuel and time; this also increases carbon emission into the environment. Hence there’s a need for well-planned parking areas equipped with solutions for intelligent and efficient parking. McKEN’s Parking solution is a smart approach in this direction. It involves using low-cost sensors; real-time data; and mobile phone-based, automated payment systems allowing people to reserve spaces in advance or accurately predict the availability of spaces. The Smart Parking solution reduces carbon emissions in urban centers by obviating unnecessary circling of city blocks in search of parking spaces, and also allows city authorities to efficiently manage their parking supply.Users can access the occupancy data to determine the availability of spaces and pay the fees using their smartphones. The solution helps organizations maximize the parking spaces, reduce pollution, and improve the overall parking experience.The solution includes an app with an easy-to-use interface that also notifies in case of non-compliance.


IOT Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi
Internet of things is a technology of the future that has already started to touch our homes. Here we propose an IOT based home automation system using raspberry pi that automates home appliances and allows user to control them easily through internet from anywhere over the world. Our proposed system consists of a microcontroller based circuit that has lights and fan connected to it along with LCD display and Wifi connector interfaced with raspberry pi. Our system interacts with out online IOT system that IOT Gecko free web interface for controlling our home appliances with ease. After linking with IOT Gecko, the user is allowed to send load switching commands over IOT to our circuit. The circuit receives the commands over IOT by connecting to internet using wifi connector and then the raspberry processor processes these commands. After this the processor now processes these instructions to get user commands. It then displays these on an LCD display. Also it operates the loads (lights and fan) for switch them on/off according to desired user commands. Thus we automate home appliances over internet using raspberry pi.


Smart City – Street Lighting
Smart Street Lighting is an effective internet of things (IoT) solution to achieve the desired objectives of energy efficiency, safety and security, and cost effectiveness. Some issues related to street lights are: cumulative costs, high energy usage and electricity costs, increased carbon emissions, and in many cases street lights burning during daylight, besides delay in getting the broken lights fixed. McKEN’s Street Lighting system is a smart solution providing real benefits to cities as well as residential and commercial consumers. Street Lighting solution can automatically turn the street lights on or off based on traffic. It also ensures that the lights are turned off automatically during daylight, thereby avoiding daylight burning. This helps save power as well as increase the lifespan of the lighting equipment, thereby reducing cost of maintenance.

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