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Our History

We are an IT firm into advanced technology solutions, striving to address the common pain points experienced by the common man in daily life. We are towards creating a difference in usage of technology in an easier, faster, reliable, affordable and sustainable manner. We are continuously researching on new technologies, market trends, and produce software/hardware.Our ‘team’ is our strength who shares our vision and works toward making it a reality. We a crew of seasoned technology experts working on various platforms like Internet of Things (IoT).  Our mission is to connect the world’s IoT devices.

Our Vision

The Internet of things (IoT) and intelligent platforms will enable the transition to a sustainable world and significantly improve our lives. McKEN is the provider of the Internet of Things and M2M service platform and is also a Demand Response aggregator and smart energy management provider. The end goal is to have plug-n-play smart objects that can be deployed in any environment with an interoperable interconnection backbone that allows them to blend with other smart objects around them. Standardization of frequency bands and protocols plays a pivotal role in accomplishing this goal.

Our Future

We at McKEN believe that the Internet Of Things is bringing a transformational shift to the world as we know. IoT has the potential to be the engine that powers our economy for decades to come. We now build IoT products and provide services to partners to help deliver IoT solutions that are reliable, intelligent and ubiquitous. McKEN is currently creating products and executing turn-key projects in various Internet Of Things (IoT) applications such as – Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Factory, Smart Healthcare, Smart Transportation, Smart Security etc.

Why Choose Us?


Proven Service Methodology
Being a specialized solution and service provider for many years now, McKEN makes use of a proven service. methodology which is unique and can be customized to meet the needs and demands of different businesses


Customer-Centric Engagement
McKEN’s true commitment to our customers is demonstrated by the way we do business with them and our years of experience as a specialized solutions and service provider across different industries. 


IT Project Management
With McKEN’s IT Project Management services, customers are assured that projects and/or programs are handled well by specialized IT professionals that have tested and experienced the best industry practices.
 BENEFIT with McKEN Software  

All businesses can benefit from the Internet of Things. Whether to optimize existing processes, develop new services or new business models 

Helping to Support the Smart Cities and IoT Revolution

Our work is at the heart of the evolving IoT and Smart Cities ecosystems. From analysing and visualising of passenger flows on transport networks to measuring and comparing energy utilisation from smart metering to interpreting Lidar data covering urban landscapes or assessing air quality impacts on cycling routes, we are specialists at consuming, analysing and visualising high volume, high velocity data sets streamed from the ever increasing number of sensors, APIs and devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT). Combining this data with more traditional static data brings fresh and relevant insights not seen before.

Movement analytics for smart cities and IoT

Create better services, places and communities by understanding your location data through the use of cutting-edge products and services from McKEN.

Your IT system, our expert support and advice

We have the experience and the knowhow to help ensure effective decision-making, whether you are looking at a system upgrade or a completely new installation. We know how to make technology work for your business, providing a comprehensive range of support including advice on hardware and software and detailed proposals for the design of networks, including data security systems.

We’ll make sure your system is right from the start

Our expert technicians can handle every element of installing your new IT system, from connecting both wired and wireless networks to fitting/refitting your new and existing hardware and installing software. We install security systems and we test everything to ensure optimum efficiency right from the outset.

Development, implementation and management

IoT stands for ‘Internet of Things’: (temporarily) connecting devices with the internet to exchange data. Devices that collect data, monitor objects and manage processes with sensors. We develop, implement and manage innovative IoT solutions ,sensor to user interface: we ensure that your IoT-network delivers what you need.


Are you Ready 

to join us?

Our strategic partnerships with key players across IoT platforms, device, connectivity and advanced analytics, helps jointly build enterprise IoT solutions to address business challenges of our customers.


I’m a startup

By registering to our startup program, you’ll get :

For companies willing to start their project (open to everyone)

  • An automated on-boarding with the technology
  • Access to our learning platform
  • Access to the right local contacts to start your project
  • Access to technical content support
  • Access to the global community via our Slack
  • Access to our ecosystem partners


To ensure maximum success of all our partners, we created a program dedicated to startups around the world to help them grow.





Incubators, Accelerators

To ensure maximum success of all our partners, we created a program dedicated to incubators, accelerators around the world. Our goal is to create a strong relationship with you and support the startups of your portfolio.


Open to any incubator, accelerator


  • Free connectivity: emulator kit (on demand)
  • Free tools for your startups : 5 developer kits and 30 modules (on demand)
  • Access to a global network of incubators
  • Dedicated global account manager
  • Co-marketing : collaterals, social media
  • Online Technical training + on-site –on demand)


We have created dedicated programs to get started with McKEN and improve IOT skills of developers


  • To get started with Our technology.
  • Advanced embedded workshop.
  • Advanced API workshop.

IoT Platforms program

If you develop an IoT platform that you wish to connect to McKEN infrastructure, this program is made for you:


  • Access to the McKEN backend
  • Access to our APIs to connect your platform
  • Review of your integration with our specialists
  • Access to our Partner platforms

Tell us your IoT issue

Tell us your IoT challenge


We will offer the solution: an innovative, state-of-the-art IoT application that provides you with the data you need. So you can take better, more informed decisions and you are one step ahead of your competitors.

IoT Community / Associations

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