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We are an IT firm into advanced technology solutions, striving to address the common pain points experienced by the common man in daily life. We are towards creating a difference in usage of technology in an easier, faster, reliable, affordable and sustainable manner. We are continuously researching on new technologies, market trends, and produce software/hardware.Our 'team' is our strength who shares our vision and works toward making it a reality. We a crew of seasoned technology experts working on various platforms like Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality, Mobile Apps, Social networking, Wearable hardware solutions, etc. Our vision is to provide stable solutions for the common pain points we come across in our daily life. Our solutions are user-friendly which can be used by a common man easily. We are dedicated toward creating powerful and effective hardware/software, which will enable Strobilanthes to stay on the leading edge of technology.

Our vision
The Internet of things (IoT) and intelligent platforms will enable the transition to a sustainable world and significantly improve our lives. McKEN is the provider of the Internet of Things and M2M service platform and is also a Demand Response aggregator and smart energy management provider.

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                                                            INNOVATION & CONCEPTS

Innovative concepts, services and products that contribute to actual benefits and that open the way to new business opportunities for your company. As pioneers in the Internet of Things we offer advanced expertise for designing and developing products’ capacity to communicate. Everything from traditional industrial products to household electronics and communications solutions.


When you bring in an R&D team from McKEN you gain access to advanced expertise and our modern lab. A scalable and flexible solution that lets you focus on your core operations at the same time as you ensure continued development and growth.



Our lab is most advanced and enables us to develop, test and quality-assure products and services throughout the entire process.You can test and verify your products at our lab or develop completely new ones. In one and the same building!



We make sure that your ideas are developed, tested and conceptualized. With us you can be sure that your IoT solution will be viable and not become bogged down at the idea stage.


Where do you find yourself today, and how will you proceed? In a workshop led by our IoT experts, you take the step to the next phase.                    

           IOT INSIGHT

For those of you who think you could profit from an investment in IoT but need to know a little more before taking the next step. We present the opportunities with IoT in your branch and brainstorm on how your business concept could be further developed with IoT. After the workshop we prepare a report with suggestions for what you can do next.


            IOT KICKSTART

For those of you who have a product to connect or have decided to take the next step into the IoT world. We look at trends in your branch, provide an analysis of your competitors and brainstorm on your ideas. After the workshop we prepare a report with suggestions for what you can do next.



You already have an idea and know what you want. The workshop runs for 2–3 days and results in a finished concept.

IoT Bootcamp is for:
– Industrial design
– Concept development
– Prototyping


Let’s make something awesome!

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