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About Us

We are an IT firm into advanced technology solutions, striving to address the common pain points experienced by the common man in daily life. We are towards creating a difference in usage of technology in an easier, faster, reliable, affordable and sustainable manner. We are continuously researching on new technologies, market trends, and produce software/hardware.Our 'team' is our strength who shares our vision and works toward making it a reality. We a crew of seasoned technology experts working on various platforms like Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality, Mobile Apps, Social networking, Wearable hardware solutions, etc. Our vision is to provide stable solutions for the common pain points we come across in our daily life. Our solutions are user-friendly which can be used by a common man easily. We are dedicated toward creating powerful and effective hardware/software, which will enable Strobilanthes to stay on the leading edge of technology.

Our vision
The Internet of things (IoT) and intelligent platforms will enable the transition to a sustainable world and significantly improve our lives. McKEN is the provider of the Internet of Things and M2M service platform and is also a Demand Response aggregator and smart energy management provider.

                                 Ideas That Perform
                                 McKEN is a leading global IT services and operations company focused on IoT,
                                              learning the customer needs to build solutions in the right way.

IoT Platform for end to end business operations


Consulting & Strategy

McKEN provides industry-standard consulting and solution architecting services focused on machine to machine (M2M) and the internet of things (IoT). The highlight of the consulting and strategy development at McKEN takes the next step by identifying customer needs and defining the business case. McKEN’s experienced IoT consultants help you strategize the governance models, define the IoT ecosystem and technology roadmap, and define reference architecture and security requirements. The service is intended to fast-track the IoT implementation by ideating data storage and transport operations and calculating revenue vs. cost parameters. McKEN consulting services are based on in-depth analysis of business situations. The methodologies will help conquer the fascinating IoT domain quickly, and easily get ahead of the competition. Every bit of data is collected and scrutinized to build the most effective solution. McKEN’s consultants study the extent of the data and its utilization parameters, and explore the opportunities for analytical insights.

Enablement & Acceleration

The market of smart connected devices is on a steep growth curve. IoT revolution forces companies to come up with disruptive design concepts that win over competition and go down well with consumers. While IoT is still in its roots, there is tremendous growth potential and development in this realm. Designing highly effective products is not enough today; you also need to fast-track the PoC building. McKEN’s IoT capability deals with engineering and building of platforms and solutions. McKEN has over the years developed deep-rooted partnerships with several hardware providers. The custom user interface design and user experience revamping are some of the highlights of Prodapt’s IoT enablement & acceleration service. Also, Prodapt helps generate proprietary dashboards and reports, and develop device drivers for the gateways and sensors. McKEN’s experienced enablement & acceleration consultants can help realize customers’ product ideas. The expertise ranges over devices and sensors of all kinds and technology standards extant in IoT realm.

Integration & Deployment

McKEN has strong expertise in system integration for the internet of things (IoT) ecosystem. Connected devices with new technologies will help capture a large chunk of the IoT market. Integration & deployment expertise of McKEN explores the design and building of storage, such as databases and big data analytics; implementation of analytics; system integration; application customization; and assurance of security and privacy. Prodapt’s system integration service enables development of complex IoT systems that take advantage of open standards and seamless communication technologies to take devices to the very edge of sophistication. McKEN will help bring together several communication standards, diverse services, and device and data management tools through the system integration service, to build that perfect IoT solution.

Connectivity & Security

Companies venturing into internet of things (IoT) and machine to machine (M2M) domains have a concern: ensuring the privacy and security of the data being transmitted across the various devices and applications. McKEN provides a next-level solution to this concern, by bringing end-to-end management of connectivity and security. McKEN’s high expertise in data security and privacy helps ensure the data at every stage of its transit, and across all kinds of devices and applications. The end-to-end security will help customers be extra-prepared against security breach attempts. Prodapt also partners with some of the leading operators to engineer and deploy network infrastructure and ensure industry-standard security. The connectivity ranges across all kinds of network topologies such as PAN, WAN, and LPWAN. McKEN has experience in topology selection, security & privacy requirement analysis, and defining network parameters for large number of customers.

Management & Maintenance

Cloud-based IoT application enablement platforms (AEPs) will pioneer fast and efficient application development in the world of connected “things.” Achieving better time to market with products and solutions requires not only quick development, but industry-standard management & maintenance. McKEN’s internet of things (IoT) management & maintenance services are designed to address the evolving trends and challenges in business and technology sectors. McKEN aims to consistently exceed business expectations. From the app development to deployment and then management & maintenance. McKEN provides expertise in a range of devices and technology standards. Also, years of experience managing cloud-based applications and hosting makes McKEN the go-to place for application maintenance. Prodapt takes the maintenance to next level by providing added security and network management.


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